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The school admits all students irrespective of class,creed, religion or social status. Students seeking admission is subjected to undergo an entrance test or interview or both which the school masters in creative writing coursework examples consider suitable to the changing trends in education. Students seeking admission in any classes will be eligible to that class only if he/she has passed qualifying examination making him/her eligible for that class.

Admission to School

Admission to KG

For admission to  KG (LKG,UKG) parents will have to bring their certificates. Minimum age requirement is 3 years and 6 months  for LKG.

Admission to I- VII

For admission to 1st standard , minimum 5 years and 6 months is required  and should have successfully completed UKG. Progress card and birth certificate are necessary for admission. For other classes TC , promotion card and Aadhaar card are required .



T-Shirt        Yellow

Shots           Black

Socks             Black

Shoe              Black


Colour Dress

I to VII

Coats and Pants        – Cream

Shirt Carbon              –  Blue

Tie                                –  Cream in Blue

Socks                           – Black

Shoe                            –  Black

Belt                              –  Cream in Blue


Shirt and Pants (Boy)    -White

 Top (Girls)                      -White

Bottom (Girls)                -White

Socks                                – White

Shoe                                 -White

Tie                                    – Blue in Cream



Shirt               -Carbon blue check

Pinafore        – Cream


Top               -Carbon blue check

Bottom       – Cream

Shrug          – Cream

Why Do We Follow State Syllabus?
Easier than other boards of Examination like CBSE, ICSE etc.
Increasing the chances of getting admission to professional colleges.
State board syllabus helps children to score more mark in Entrance Examination.
It is very easy to get admission to plus one if the child completes his Secondary school education in state board.